University Application Instructions

  1. Select the pass from the parking permit page that you would like to purchase and click purchase pass.

  2. Select how you would like to receive your permit

  3. If you haven’t signed into your northeastern account at this point you will be required to do so

  4. Complete authentication through your NU sign on

  5. Select the pass you would like to purchase

  6. Fill in Mailing address, phone number and license plate of the vehicle you will be registering

  7. Select your payment type. If you select Husky card you will be required to come to the office and can proceed to check out. If you choose credit card you will be prompted to fill in your credit card information:

  8. Select the green bar to complete transaction

  9. You will then receive a confirmation pop up that will provide you with your confirmation code of purchase.

  10. An email will be sent to you with your confirmation and information on your parking pass.