What is MasParc?

MasParc was formed by QIC, for the purpose of investing in and managing parking concessions. QIC, based in Australia and created by the Queensland government, invests on behalf of its managed funds and clients, and is one of the largest institutional investment managers in the world. MasParc is the concessionaire of the Northeastern University parking system.

How will day-to-day parking operations be handled?

MasParc is responsible for the oversight of the parking assets, including the maintenance and operation of the campus parking facilities.  MasParc has contracted with LAZ Parking, a national parking operator, to handle day-to-day operations.  LAZ Parking provides daily facility staffing, supervision, management, and administration.  At Northeastern University, LAZ Parking works under the MasParc brand.

Who will I contact if I need assistance or have any comments/concerns?

Beginning July 1, please contact the MasParc team with any parking-related questions, comments, or concerns you have about the campus parking system.  Just click the “Contact” link on this website to reach our team.

How will this change parking on campus?

Initially, changes to the parking system will appear to be minimal.  You will see new uniforms on attendants, new logos on signage, and new office staff.  However, over the next twelve months you will see increased investments in parking infrastructure, improved customer service, and new technologies.


The process for purchasing campus parking will change this summer.  Beginning in August, most campus parking permits will only be available through the MasParc website.  University Faculty and Staff will still have the option of purchasing permits via payroll deduction or paying the full amount upfront.


While not related to the agreement or MasParc policies, Students will no longer be able to charge parking permits to their tuition accounts – instead, they will need to pay for permits upfront. Students may pay for parking via credit card, check, or cash. Consistent with current student financial aid regulations, this change is warranted to ensure that non-academic charges are not paid for directly with Federal financial aid resources.

Parking Coupons will be available for purchase at our Gainsborough Garage office starting on July 1, 2019.

When will FY 2019-2020 permits be available for purchase?

Permits for FY 2019-2020 will be available for purchase beginning in August 2019.

Will my current parking permit and coupons still be accepted?

Yes! Your existing parking permit and coupons will be honored through the expiration date listed on the product.

How will parking changes be made in the future, and who will represent the campus community?

The MasParc team has already started work on numerous future parking system improvements.  We will work closely with the University to review improvement options, develop plans, determine work schedules, and communicate with campus stakeholders.  All significant parking system changes proposed by MasParc will require University approval before proceeding.

A Senior Concession Group has been created to help advise MasParc going forward.  This group includes representatives from the University.  In addition, we will be working with various campus departments and stakeholder groups throughout the term of the agreement to help ensure the campus parking system adequately addresses community needs.

As we move forward, all members of the campus community will be able to share their thoughts, questions, concerns, and suggestions with MasParc at any time.  Just click the “Contact” link on this website if you have anything to share.

What future improvements are currently anticipated?

The MasParc team is working on a significant list of future improvements, including:

ImprovementDetailTarget Date
Waterproof Renaissance Parking Garage ElevatorsReplace and upgrade elevator mechanics with water resistant components to avoid future service outages. June/July 2019
Customer Service EnhancementsLAZ Parking will assume operations management of the parking system including the addition of management staff, customer service agents, maintenance team and 24/7/365 call center.July 2019
Mobile Payment: Matthews LotPay via Cell Phone for Transient and Event ParkingJuly 2019
Dedicated Parking WebsiteAll parking related information and applications will be available at www.masparc.com. The final site will include real-time system updates, news, permit application, and coupon purchases.General Website – July 2019
Permit Applications – August 2019
Pre-Reserved Parking – September 2019
Coupon & Validation Purchase – Winter 2019/Spring 2020
Occupancy Counter – Spring 2020
Power Wash Parking GaragesPower wash entry lanes, exit lanes, ramps, and pedestrian pathways within the parking structures. July – August 2019
Re-Stripe Parking Garages & LotsAll parking stalls, ADA stalls, curbs, and interior walkways will be re-striped.July - September 2019
Re-Surface Matthews LotRe-surface and repair top coating and pot holes in the Matthews Lot. Fall 2019
Replace Parking Access and Revenue Control Equipment (PARCS)Install new, state of the art, PARCS equipment in the four garages, North Lot, and Renaissance Park Lot. New technology will accept credit card, QR code reservations and validations. Winter 2019/Spring 2020
License Plate Recognition (LPR)Permit holders will have seamless entry and exit from gated parking facilities with LPR technology. As an alternative to a physical permit or swipe card, vehicle license plates will be utilized as the permit credential. Winter 2019/Spring 2020
SignageReplace and add new wayfinding, directional, and safety signage throughout all parking garages and lots. Winter 2019/Spring 2020
Occupancy CountersOccupancy counters will be installed in the parking garages and some surface lots to display the facilities availability. Real-time updates will also be available on www.masparc.com. Spring 2020
Other ImprovementsGeneral Structural & Capital Improvements
Re-surface North Lot
Dedicated Student Art Wall (Location TBD)
Co-Op Opportunity with LAZ Parking
How will MasParc communicate with the campus community?

The primary means of communication between MasParc and the University community will be our website.  Important notices concerning parking permit availability, maintenance, special events, and other issues will be posted on our website as needed.  For parking customers, we will also share important updates via email.  When needed, we will work with the University to disseminate information through other means.

How will the transition impact parking prices?

The University’s agreement with MasParc limits the parking rate increases so that the maximum annual increase will decline every year for the next decade.

How will campus parking enforcement be handled?

Providing parking enforcement on campus will be a team effort between MasParc and the Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD).  Both groups will be able to issue parking citations as needed.  MasParc will be responsible for parking enforcement inside campus parking lots/garages and NUPD will be able to enforce parking regulations in all areas of campus.

What is a parking concession agreement?

The parking concession agreement is a negotiated contract between two entities – in this case, MasParc and Mobility, LLC (MasParc) and Northeastern University.  The agreement provides MasParc with the right to operate and manage the campus parking system, subject to specific terms and conditions detailed in the contract, for the next 50 years.  During the term of the agreement, the contract regulates parking rates, operating standards, and maintenance of all parking assets.  While MasParc will operate and manage the campus parking system, the University retains ownership of all parking lots and garages.