Equipment Installation

Which locations will be impacted by the parking equipment install?

Gainsborough Garage, Renaissance Park Garage, Columbus Garage, West Village Garage, and the North Lot.

What about the other parking lots?

They will remain ungated, will still require a permit, and will be subject to enforcement.

What will change?

The current parking equipment at the Gainsborough Garage and Renaissance Park Garage will be replaced. The Columbus Garage, West Village Garage and North Lot will receive new parking equipment. The new parking equipment will allow for faster access into the garages, license plate recognition software, live occupancy tracking and pay-in-lane features.

Will my Husky Card still work at the entrance and exit gates?

Yes. The only difference is that you will now tap your card at the reader instead of swiping it.

What if I parked in a garage with no gates before, how will I get in?

Your Husky Card will now be your access credential. Tap the card on entry and exit – only one vehicle is permitted on campus at a time, therefore the card will not allow access if more than one vehicle associated with your account is currently active.

What are those cameras in the lanes?

Those are License Plate Readers (LPR). They will read your license plate on entry and exit to allow for frictionless access through the gates. In order for the LPR equipment to work effectively, make sure your parking profile information is up to date.

What will you do with my license plate information?

Please see information regarding Privacy.

What if I purchase a new vehicle or change license plate?

Anytime you purchase a new vehicle or change the license plates on the vehicle you drive to campus, you need to ensure that your new license plate is linked to your parking permit prior to parking on campus to avoid citations. You can update your personal information via the online self-service portal or by visiting, calling, or emailing our Customer Service Office.

What if I borrow a vehicle or use a rental?

You can add the vehicle you will be using temporarily to your account via the online self-service portal. You should ensure that the vehicle is linked to your permit prior to parking on campus, to avoid potential citations. See our related how-to guides for detailed instructions on adding a vehicle and updating vehicle information.
Once you are no longer using the borrowed or rented vehicle, be sure to remove it from your account to avoid responsibility for citations potentially issued to the next person driving the vehicle on campus. Also, be sure to re-add and link your usual vehicle to your permit if you removed it to add a borrowed or rented vehicle.

What if my spouse/partner and I both have permits and have both vehicles listed on our permit accounts?

Ideally, a vehicle should be associated with only one permit at a time; that is, only your vehicle should be associated with your permit, and only your spouse’s/partner’s vehicle should be associated with his or her permit. Maintaining this one-to-one ratio will help prevent you from receiving a citation for having multiple vehicles parked on campus at the same time.

What do I do if I need help entering or exiting?

While there will be attendants at all facilities to assist you, they will not always be at the gates. Each entrance and exit station will have a call button that will put you in direct contact with our customer service center. If the individual on the line is unable to assist you, an attendant will be dispatched promptly.

What about the customer service office?

There is no change. The Customer Service Office, located in the Gainsborough Garage (10 Gainsborough Street) will be staffed from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, to assist you with your parking needs.

How do I purchase and use coupons under the new system?

The coupons will still be purchased at our customer service office at 10 Gainsborough Street. They will now be printed onsite, sold in multiples of five, and will be scanned at the exit.

What about my old coupons? Will they still work?

They will not work at the gates. Through the expiration date listed, the coupons can be returned to our customer service office at 10 Gainsborough Street and exchanged for validations that will work at the gates.